Les infos, sorties et bons plans dans le Parthenaisien

Concert : The Impossible Stringband

The Impossible Stringband, musique traditionnelle irlandaise, old-Time American, Cajun et Swing, avec Peter Brazier (guitare, mandoline, fiddle & vocals), Jean-Luc Patard, (guitaer, washboard & vocals), Frank Hall (fiddle, double bass & vocals) et Eileen Fleming (harpe, double bass & vocals). That's right! We play music from four different acoustic styles and traditions. Included are: harp compositions from the 18th century, traditional Irish dance tunes, old-time fiddle tunes and songs from the Appalachian mountains, Cajun two-steps and waltzes from the Louisianna bayous, as well as swing and pop numbers from French Gypsy sources to tin pan alley.

Lieu: Parthenay // Le Coupe Gorge - 21h